August 12, 2022


Election for LCA officer positions is fast approaching. This includes Local Chairman, Vice Local Chairmen, Secretary of the Committee, Legislative Rep, and Alternate Legislative Rep. Nominations must be submitted no later than the regular October meeting of the local on October 24th, and elections will be held (if not a white ballot) at the regular scheduled meeting on November 28th.

Notes below regarding the nomination/election process from the TD Bulletin.
"Nominations must be filed with the Secretary not later than the last regular meeting in October in the year of election. Where nominations are made by nominating petition, at least five (5) members eligible to vote shall sign the petition. The Secretary shall promptly acknowledge receipt of all petitions and read them at the last regular meeting in October. (Article TwentyOne B [21B], Section 57, Lines 23-28.) 

Nominations may also be made from the floor at the nomination meeting. 
Nominations made on the floor do not require a second. 
No nominations can be accepted after the nomination meeting closes. 
Nominees may withdraw from the race up until the day before ballots are to be printed. 
Withdrawals must be in writing and signed by the nominee. I
f nominations are conducted at a meeting, no quorum requirement may be imposed. 
Those making nominations must be members eligible to vote and in good standing . 
Their eligibility must be checked at the nomination meeting in order to allow an eligible member the opportunity to make the nomination if the original nominator is not eligible."